McHale campaign update – Sept 16/08

The Gary McHale campaign for Haldimand-Norfolk is starting to move down the track…

1. Gary is now allowed to travel to Caledonia

On Friday, Sept 12th the Crown & OPP negotiated an agreement with Gary that allows him to travel to Caledonia and Hagersville for the election campaign, but imposes new restrictions on his right to meet and speak to voters. More details and background can be found in OPP & Ontario Ministry of Attorney General try to stop Gary from being elected.

2. Lawn signs have been ordered

Thanks to the generosity of concerned citizens sufficient funds have been raised to allow us to order a fair number of lawn signs, including some extra large (4’x4′) in size to be used in high traffic locations. They should be available later this week. If you want a sign, send an email with your contact info (name, address, phone #) to Gary at or Mark Vandermaas at

We still are very much in need of funds for hall rentals, fair booth rentals, advertising, and other campaign expenses. You even receive a large tax credit so a $500 donation costs you, in actuality, just $150. This is your chance to make your money and your vote count so please…do what you can.

If you can help financially or by volunteering your time please check out the ‘Gary needs your help!’ page.

3. All-candidates meeting in Caledonia

Gary has been invited to an all-candidates’ meeting by the Caledonia Chamber of Commerce. It will take place at the Legion October 7th at 7pm. Be sure to mark it on your calendar – this is one event you won’t want to miss.

4. Would you like to host a meet-the-candidate gathering?

Please let us know if you would like to host a private ‘meet-the-candidate’ event at your home. Nothing fancy required, just set aside 1-2 hours for you and your friends to get to know Gary McHale personally. You will not be disappointed – Gary’s intelligence, commitment, vision, integrity and passion cannot help but impress. Meet the man who has been described by some as not a mere politician, but a true statesman.

Send an email to Mark Vandermaas at if you’re interested in hosting a gathering. 

5. Positive feedback from voters

Voters are very supportive of Gary’s candidacy everywhere we go. Some are requesting ‘the biggest lawn sign you’ve got!’ and others, as mentioned above, have made much-needed donations. Others are so determined to have Gary elected that they have gone door-to-door soliciting those funds. 

The general feeling in H-N seems to be consistent with Mayor Trainer’s statement that with Gary’s candidacy is positive for Haldimand in its quest for peace, law and order, and stability.

Mark Vandermaas, Media Relations
Gary McHale campaign


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