Gary McHale on federal role in Haldimand-Norfolk issues

Gary McHale today released 5 key documents today to explain his vision of the role of an Independent MP, and his views on the role of the federal government in key Haldimand-Norfolk issues. These documents supplement Gary’s position papers on Haldimand-Norfolk issues.

The new documents can be found here:

Role #1. Giving money to McGuinty for race-based policing
Role #2: Illegal Tobacco
Role #3: Caledonia
Role #4: Upholding the Charter of Rights



Please take the time to review and compare Gary’s positions on the issues that matter most to you with those of other candidates. We know you will agree that Gary McHale deserves to sit in the House of Commons as the MP for Haldimand-Norfolk.

Mark Vandermaas
Gary McHale Campaign


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