Gary experiences Delhi Harvestfest hospitality

UPDATED Sept 26/08 w/hi-res photos

On Saturday, September 20th Gary and wife Christine participated in the Delhi Harvestfest parade.

Afterwards, a number of people stopped to talk and ask for signs, including one resident who requested a 4’x4′ version for his property on the main road through town. One of those who spent some time with Gary was Richard Robillard from Generation Zel! Radio. He then posted an endorsement for the McHale campaign and declared that, for the first time in his life, he was not going to vote Conservative.

Richard wasn’t the only one to make known his feelings about Gary’s candidacy. As the parade was moving through town, one spectator waved at Gary to catch his attention and then discreetly showed him his police badge.

We met Conservative incumbent Diane Finley, Liberal candidate Dr. Eric Hoskins, the NDP’s Ian Nichols and MPP Toby Barrett who was driving his red tractor in the parade.

Many thanks to Caledonia residents Doug Fleming and Merlyn Kinrade for coming from Caledonia to offer help. Thanks to those who stopped by to talk, and to the people of Delhi for your warm welcome!



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