Gary and Dr. Eric debate issues as Finley campaign self-destructs

This post is a commentary based in part on Jeff Parkinson’s article, ‘Liberals endorse McHale?‘ in which he mused about Liberal candidate Dr. Eric Hoskin’s apparent recognition of Gary’s contributions to Caledonia.

The McHale campaign very much appreciates Dr. Eric’s endorsement of Gary’s contributions to Caledonia, and we would agree that he IS too good for Ottawa – but they’ll just have to get used to him up there.

If Gary was good in Dunnville, you should have seen him tonight at the Cable 14/Hamilton Spectator televised debate! Dr. Eric came on strong in the beginning, but Gary nailed him on the Carbon Tax and especially, on Caledonia when he asked the doctor if there was race-based policing in Caledonia.  When he didn’t answer right away, Gary insisted, “Yes or no, is there race-based policing in Caledonia?” Then he pulled out Toby Barrett’s historic Haldimand Proclamation for Peace, Order and Good Government and asked if Dr. Eric would endorse it. Dr. Eric, unfortunately, highlighted his complete naivety of the Caledonia situation by saying he hadn’t read it! I gave a copy to one of his aides afterwards, so perhaps he’ll have time to read one of the most important documents ever written by a Canadian politician in recent memory before he meets Gary again at the Caledonia debate on Monday night.

I came away from the debate realizing that Eric may be a very accomplished man and a very nice guy who has done extraordinary humanitarian work overseas, and deserves every award he’s ever been given but he doesn’t have the first clue about what has been going on in Caledonia or any grasp of the sheer depth of our experience, research and advocacy. He’s just been parachuted in for some high profile photo-ops by a party that thinks it can just feed people a line about ‘owning’ the Caledonia issue without paying any kind of price to gain the depth of knowledge and understanding that Gary and others have paid to get to this point.

When the debate was over, one of the reporters present told us, ‘Gary can really hold his own!’ and ‘Gary’s got people in town coming around to his side.’ Very nice to hear. A recent letter apologizing to Gary and endorsing him at the same time that was written by long time Caledonia resident Gayle Hagan which was published in the Regional News has helped with that. We’ll have it up ASAP. Thank you so much for your wonderful letter, Gayle!

After we got home from the debate we started getting calls from excited Caledonians who wanted to pass on their congratulations to Gary. One was from a previously unknown resident who contacted us only today to demand ‘the biggest sign you’ve got.’ We put up 3 signs on the property before the debate. After the debate she called to say the neighbours had taken their signs and put them on their own lawns, and could she please have some more!!!

Of course everyone knows by now that Diane Finley cancelled out of the debate at the last minute. Rumour is that she’s not going to appear at the Rotary Club debate in Simcoe or in Caledonia. We shall see. Who could have predicted that her campaign would self-destruct in such a spectacular fashion? Our contacts in the federal PC Party are shocked that she would thumb her nose at voters by skipping the debates.

Gary has said that Caledonia will end when senior police officers and politicians lose their jobs for their role in allowing race-based policing to happen in the first place or for refusing to speak out against it. Perhaps, just perhaps, we are seeing a glimpse of things to come. Marie Trainer was absolutely right when she said Haldimand’s quest for peace, law and order, stability and justice will feature prominently in the coming campaign thanks to Gary.

To those who wonder if Gary can win this election: we have been receiving nothing but extremely positive feedback since day one, and even more as time passed. We truly believe that he does have a very, very good chance of winning especially now that the Finley campaign has crash landed. Gary didn’t begin this campaign to lose just as he has never given up on fighting for Caledonia during the past 2.5 years. In any event, he won’t give up the fight for justice there after Oct 14th – win or lose. Can any of the other candidates say the same?

P.S. If you missed tonights live debate, it will be re-broadcast on Cable 14 four more times. Check out the Events Calendar for airing dates.

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