Dunnville Chronicle: Independent MP could play ‘very important’ role

The Dunnville Chronicle has published a great article today comparing the benefits of an Independent MP to one affiliated with a party. Here are some quotes:

“How a back bencher can affect a vote will depend on the composition of the house, Siegel [said that] in the past it has been shown that one vote can be very important, he added referring to independent MP Charles Cadman. In 2005, his vote in support of the Liberal budget prevented an election.”

“So if the new government is a minority, again a sole independent vote will be very important, pointed out Siegel. In the case of a majority, no one on the minority has much influence, he added.”

“All members of Parliament have a certain station so if McHale is elected he will be able to get more attention than the least member of the New Democratic Party, he noted. Also an independent does not have to follow a party line, he added.”

The professor said it is well known that land claims are a significant issue in this riding and was not surprised to hear Dion or Harper had not visited Caledonia. “Party leaders don’t want to step on a mine field,” he noted.

“Allowed a rebuttal, McHale asked, “If the parties could have helped for two and a half years, where have they been?””

Dunnville Chronicle, Oct 10/08: Independent MP versus Party members

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