McHale shows Hoskins face of compassion and truth during Simcoe debate

The Simcoe Chamber of Commerce sponsored a ‘Federal Candidates Night’ on Wednesday, Oct 08/08 at the Park Place Banquet Centre in Simcoe. Steve Elgersma was the only candidate unable to attend due to a death in the family. Even Diane Finley managed to make an appearance after skipping 3 previous debates.

The room was filled to capacity – about 500 people or so.

So, tell us about YOUR accomplishments in Caledonia, Dr. Eric

Gary held his own very well during the debate through a wide range of questions, but especially when a woman from Caledonia wearing a Hoskins button tried to accuse him of being the cause of all of Caledonia’s problems. She didn’t mention the fact that she lived on River Road, nowhere near the occupied Douglas Creek Estates and its associated lawlessness that has victimized so many innocent people nearby. She seemed deliberately obtuse/oblivious to the fact that it wasn’t Gary McHale who attacked Caledonia’s people or infrastructure; she was obviously trying to give her Liberal candidate an opening to attack McHale, which he did. Unfortunately, it backfired.

Dr. Eric, the man none of us active in the struggle to restore the rule of law in Caledonia have ever heard of until the election was called, actually had the temerity to suggest that Gary McHale had not accomplished a single thing during the past two years.

Gary used his closing remarks to hammer Dr. Eric and his Liberal plant by telling the crowd about just one of his many Caledonia-related accomplishments: how he helped a Cayuga builder facing bankruptcy due to native occupations and OPP inaction by personally going into court to lay 9 charges – Mischief, Intimidation & Extortion – via private prosecutions. Thanks to Gary, there were no further occupations; the development is almost finished; most homes are sold and people are moving in. How’s THAT Dr. Eric? Now…tell us about YOUR accomplishments in Caledonia.

Dr. Eric, we expected better from you

Given that we know that Dr. Eric reads our website (he told us so), it would seem that he’s being a little economical with the truth. Why not judge for yourself? Visit the About Gary page and read Gary’s Caledonia resume. Then go visit and see if you can even find the word Caledonia more than once on his site!

Suggesting that Gary McHale hasn’t accomplished anything in Caledonia despite having access to a mountain of evidence to the contrary is a desperate cheap shot that demeans Dr. Eric and his campaign. It would be like saying Dr. Eric didn’t do anything worthwhile with his life when he went overseas to help victims of war. It’s not true. It’s not fair. It’s just plain smarmy.

How many times have Liberals mentioned Caledonia in the House?

Dr. Eric stated that Liberal researchers had reviewed the House of Commons hansard and could not find a single instance where Diane Finley had used the word ‘Caledonia’ in the House. Great research, but one can’t help but wonder how many times the Liberals have raised it themselves? We’re betting the number is between one and minus one.

‘Dr. Eric, if you don’t win, are you going to set up a practice in the riding?’

The very first questioner asked this very great question to which Dr. Eric refused to provide an answer. The crowd kept calling for him to answer Yes or No, forcing the moderator to tell the crowd to judge the answer for themselves. Gary then advised that Dr. Eric had provided similar non-answers to the same question in previous debates.

Gary McHale and NDP’s Ian Nichols show compassion to migrant workers

The meeting was interrupted by a group of migrant workers who came a long way to ask questions of the candidates about issues related to how they are treated by the Canadian government. Unfortunately, the line of questioners was longer than time allowed and so they were unable to be heard. Finley ran out the side door as one of their leaders begged her to speak to them. No one from the McHale campaign or the Simcoe Reformer saw Dr. Eric taking any time to speak with them, either. Fortunately, two candidates did show some compassion:

“But their late appearance did manage to pay off. The migrant workers snuck in  some time with the candidates after the debate. Independent Gary McHale and NDP candidate Ian Nichols were seen discussing migrant workers concerns and offering to help them well into a half hour after the debate.”

Simcoe Reformer, Oct 09/08: Left out

Gary has extensive experience with the Income Tax Act and payroll deductions since he has designed accounting software that is still used by major corporations today. He made no promises, but offered to check on tax treaties to see if there was anything that might be of help. Gary made a key point with them – the politicians don’t care about them because they don’t vote.

Well…at least SOME politicians don’t care.


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