McHale campaign exposes last minute Liberal smear effort

UPDATED 1941 EST Oct 11/08

Two well-known Liberals close to the Hoskins campaign have recently made false allegations that the McHale campaign is being secretly funded and/or backed by people other than grassroots voters as required by Canadian law:

Questions arise about the finances of this election campaign. McHale’s campaign is estimated to cost from $10,000 to $50,000. A truly independent candidate could not raise that amount of money. How could McHale pay these additional debts? How can he arrange financing while claiming to be nearly bankrupt?

The Sachem, Oct 10/08, Letter to Editor: Darrell Doxtdator – Are you getting your money’s worth? 

Mr. McHale’s initial response to these sleazy statements and others by former MP Bob Speller is below, followed by additional commentary and facts about Mr. Doxtdator and the McHale campaign:


In the past 24 hrs I have had two Liberal supporters directly say that they know that some secret group is behind me. In the Sachem newspaper Darrell Doxtdator, a clear supporter of Eric Hoskins, states that my campaign is estimated to cost $10,000-$50,000 and a “truly independent candidate could not raise that amount of money.”

Tonight Bob Speller (the previous Liberal MP) confronted me with this same type of allegation that somehow some secret group was behind me.

Mr. Hoskins told me tonight that these people were not following any instructions given by him and that he doesn’t believe I have done anything wrong. I took Mr. Hoskins at his word that his people were not involved with Mr. Doxtdator’s attempt to smear me but after a well-known Liberal (Bob Speller) made the same allegation on the same day appears to be not a coincidence.

Doxtdator has been with Eric’s people at each debate over the past 2 weeks. Doxtdator has been photographing my campaign signs and sharing documents with Eric’s people – I have witnessed this with my own eyes. Bob Speller is directly connected to Eric’s campaign and Mr. Speller clearly implies that some group which he claims to know is backing me. The following is part of the dialogue regarding this alleged secret group – as I remember it.

Bob: “Your people took my signs in the last election.”

Gary: “My people? I am an Independent.”

Bob: “I know who is behind you”

Gary: “Who?”

Bob: “I know”

Gary “Who, then?”

Bob: “I know who is behind you”

Gary: “You have just contradicted what Eric told me over the phone today.”

Bob: “What?”

Gary: “Eric told me that his people were not questioning who was behind me but now you say you know who is behind me as if I have done something wrong.”

Gary: “What is your name?”

Bob: “You don’t know who I am?”

Gary: “No, what is your name?”

Bob: “You don’t know me and you are running in this riding!”

Mr. Speller then walked away.

This last minute smear campaign by two of Hoskins’ supporters is outrageous and only proves that Eric’s team has become aware that they will lose this election. The residents of Haldimand-Norfolk should be outraged that the Liberals would resort to such tactics.

Gary McHale


Facts about Mr. Doxtdator

  • Mr. Doxtdator is a lawyer who is not permitted to practice law because, according to the Law Society of Upper Canada website, his licence has been suspended. (Record accessed at 1:17 pm, Oct 11/08)
  • He lives next door to Gary McHale’s Official Agent, Merlyn Kinrade who has known his family since 1946. Merlyn and his father went to school together. Merlyn was an invited guest at the family’s celebration party when he graduated from law school.
  • He has a Hoskins sign on his lawn, and has been seen at the debates with other Liberal supporters.
  • He has never met or spoken to Gary privately.
  • He has published other derogatory letters about Gary in local papers.
  • Merlyn has invited him to his home for dinner on several occasions to meet Gary and discuss the situation in Caledonia, but he has refused to do so.
  • Merlyn personally called former Six Nations Chief David General to invite him to be a guest speaker at Gary’s Oct 08/07 pre-election ‘Remember Us’ March alongside Joe Gualtieri and Sixth Line’s 15 year-old ‘Dancer.’ Merlyn wanted the Chief to join Caledonia in denouncing the violence that has also victimized native people. The Chief refused. Mr. Doxtdator was his Political Advisor.

One would think that as a trained lawyer, Mr. Doxtdator would understand the importance of understanding the facts and having credible evidence before making spurious allegations. This is called ‘due diligence.’ The views of a lawyer who makes unsupported allegations after repeatedly refusing to accept invitations from a lifelong family friend to walk next door to engage in a calm and rational exchange of views with a civil rights leader who wants only to stop violence and human rights violations against innocent people cannot be taken seriously.

Facts about Gary McHale and the campaign

  • The McHale campaign in general, and Merlyn Kinrade as the Official Agent in particular, have been scrupulous in adhering to the requirements of Elections Canada. Here is just one example:Recently, while campaigning at the Hagersville Farmer’s Market, a voter offered to make a $100 cash donation via five $20 bills. Campaign manager Mark Vandermaas informed her that all donations over $20 must be made by cheque. She then provided a cheque for $100, took a lawn sign and left. Mr. Vandermaas did not notice that the cheque was a company cheque; all donations must be made via personal cheque. After the cheque was turned in Merlyn Kinrade realized the error, contacted the voter and drove over to her home to exchange the business cheque for a personal one.
  • The McHale campaign has been funded by grassroots donations by private individuals in complete accordance with Canadian election laws.
  • There is NO other group, secret or otherwise, funding our campaign.
  • By the context of their statements, Mr. Doxtdator and Mr. Spelling seem to be insinuating that the Conservative Party is somehow secretly and/or illegally backing the McHale campaign financially. This is a false and disgusting allegation against both Mr. McHale and the Conservative Party.
  • All campaigns are required to be audited by an accountant and submitted to Elections Canada for review. The McHale campaign is no different.
  • Despite the serious allegations made near the end of a federal election campaign, we are disappointed to report that The Sachem did not contact the McHale campaign prior to publishing Mr. Doxtdator’s letter.


For the past two-plus years various groups who have been opposed to Gary’s attempts to expose the injustices of race-based policing and the inaction of politicians have used smear tactics to try to discredit his message that no one has the right to victimize innocent people  during a land claim dispute and that police should enforce the law without regard to race.

Those who have engaged in this smear campaign have included members of the OPP, supporters of the DCE occupiers who have victimized Caledonia, and various Liberal politicians including Dalton McGuinty, David Peterson, and Michael Bryant. Now, we have Darrell Doxtdator and Bob Speller making unfounded allegations in support of the Hoskins campaign.

This distasteful, last-minute attempt to smear the name of a good man who has done nothing but speak up for the innocent victims in Caledonia shows just how out of touch the Liberals are with the people and the pain in Caledonia. They are so arrogant and so uninformed as to believe that voters could not possibly donate money to support the man who has so gallantly supported them for two years against an Ontario Liberal government. How they could even think this after the Caledonia debate defies logic. 

No one – even a Liberal – could mistake the support shown for Gary at the Caledonia debate, therefore, no one – even a Liberal – could honestly believe that he couldn’t raise campaign funds from angry residents. This most obvious conclusion makes the Doxtdator/Speller allegations even more suspicious.

The McHale campaign wants to believe that Dr. Eric Hoskins himself had nothing to do with this sorry affair, and we hope it is true. One thing is certain, however: prominent Liberals close to his campaign are engaged in making sleazy allegations with no proof whatsoever.

Reporter to McHale associate: “You guys don’t lie.”

Several months back, during a conversation with Mark Vandermaas about a Caledonia-related story, a reporter told him he had complete confidence in the material Mr. Vandermaas had provided because, as he said, “You guys don’t lie.”

When this campaign is over and the audits are completed, voters will see for themselves that Gary McHale was, as always, telling the truth as the victim of yet another smear campaign to silence his voice on behalf of the people of Caledonia.


Gary has already appeared on a radio station to counter the Liberal smear tactics, and is working to make other media outlets aware of the situation in between previously-scheduled meetings with seniors in the Simcoe/Waterford area.

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