Generation Zel! Radio: ‘This Election – Dare to Believe’

The Gary McHale campaign was very pleased when Richard Robillard of Generation Zel! Radio ( informed his listeners he was, for the first time in his life, not going to vote Conservative, but for Gary McHale. 

Richard has followed the Caledonia crisis closely and has supported the efforts to restore the rule of law in Haldimand. He spent about an hour with Gary during the Delhi Fair and wrote his original endorsement shortly afterwards.

Richard has just posted a new Thanksgiving endorsement reminding voters that Gary truly deserves their support:

So this election, I’ve decided to go with the maverick. The one who has promised to stand up for our area because he doesn’t have to tow a party line. The one who has been in our area addressing the black eye that is ruining our economy. The one who shows passion, leadership and integrity. I know how this man stands on an issue because he makes it clear. Love him or hate him, at least you know he will defend Haldimand-Norfolk. I ask you to give Gary McHale strong consideration when you go to the ballot tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving.

Generation Zel Radio (, Oct 13/08: This Election – Dare to Believe

Richard, thanks for your confidence in Gary; it is well placed. I do hope you’ll join us at the Election Night Party. Win or lose, MP or not, Gary has already scored a big victory for Haldimand by his participation in this election.

P.S. Voters may be interested in Richard’s take on Bob Speller’s silly statements made to Gary McHale during the Norfolk Fair in Bob Speller embarasses himself at Norfolk Fair.


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