McHale campaign update – Sept 16/08

Posted in Campaign News on September 16, 2008 by Mark Vandermaas

The Gary McHale campaign for Haldimand-Norfolk is starting to move down the track…

1. Gary is now allowed to travel to Caledonia

On Friday, Sept 12th the Crown & OPP negotiated an agreement with Gary that allows him to travel to Caledonia and Hagersville for the election campaign, but imposes new restrictions on his right to meet and speak to voters. More details and background can be found in OPP & Ontario Ministry of Attorney General try to stop Gary from being elected.

2. Lawn signs have been ordered

Thanks to the generosity of concerned citizens sufficient funds have been raised to allow us to order a fair number of lawn signs, including some extra large (4’x4′) in size to be used in high traffic locations. They should be available later this week. If you want a sign, send an email with your contact info (name, address, phone #) to Gary at or Mark Vandermaas at

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OPP & Ontario Ministry of Attorney General try to stop Gary from being elected

Posted in Campaign News, Freedom of Speech, Issues on September 15, 2008 by Mark Vandermaas

Click image to view OPP & Ministry of Attorney General restrictions on Gary's right to meet and speak to voters. Click again to enlarge document.

For several months now, Gary has been trying to exercise his right to have a judge review the bail restrictions that have kept him from entering Caledonia and Hagersville. They were imposed on him in connection with a charge arising out of a demonstration at an illegal smokeshop organized by a Caledonia resident on Dec 01/07 during which Gary was viciously attacked by smokeshop supporters, attacks that broke his glasses and sent him to hospital.

It is alleged that Gary suggested to the protest organizer – who had blocked the road with his truck after a smokeshack supporter had done the same – that he ask other residents to join the blockade. He did not do so. In other words, no crime was committed by the organizer as a result of Gary’s alleged suggestion.

OPP resort to ‘Counselling Mischief’ charge after witness caught on video falsifying ‘assault’ complaint against Gary

The OPP originally planned to charge Gary with assault, but their witness turned out to be a liar and was herself charged with ‘Public Mischief’ for filing a false report. The OPP refused, however, to charge her for HER assault on Gary even though it (and the false assault fabrication) was caught on video, so Gary was forced to file the charge himself via a private prosecution.

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It’s official – Gary’s campaign off and running!

Posted in Campaign News on September 11, 2008 by Mark Vandermaas

Gary McHale was advised this morning that his nomination documents have been reviewed and accepted by Elections Canada. He is now recognized as an independent candidate in the race to see who will represent the people of Haldimand-Norfolk.

Approximately 140 registered voters in various areas of the riding – including Caledonia, Dunnville, Simcoe, Delhi and York – signed his nomination papers even though only 100 names are required. 

Media interest has been high all across the riding. Diane Finley is being warned not to take Haldimand-Norfolk for granted with Gary in the race:

Residents of Haldimand — a bastion of conservatism — who are angry about ongoing native land claims in that county will have a place on the ballot where they can register their displeasure. McHale will siphon votes from all candidates, but Finley in particular. Our cabinet minister is in for a rude surprise if she tries taking Haldimand-Norfolk for granted.
Simcoe Reformer, Sept 09/08: The plot thickens

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